Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Frost Heaving in Winterville 1

Needle ice occurs when the air temperature is below freezing, and the soil is above freezing. Water flows upward via capillary  motion as heat moves toward colder air above.


Chunks of soil, grass, and moss are lifted into the air.



These crystals were discovered in Winterville (naturally) during a run through an overgrown subdivision that never made it through The Great Recession. Click here for more photos of the area, and enjoy Ray Charles’ persuasion…

Arboreal Revival

Winterville is a sleepy Georgia railroad town known for its spring Marigold Festival. The six miles between Winterville and Athens act as a buffer against ethnic diversity similar to Watkinsville, a host of Clarke County’s mass exodus during recent white flight.

As the housing bubble swelled, overzealous developers sharpened their aggregate blades, then sliced dendritic swaths throughout the forest dreaming of upper middle class homes adorned with large vehicles and requisite familial stick figures flaunting bloated carbon footprints.  Oops.

Today, abandoned homeless subdivisions kneel before an arboreal revival.  Sans traffic, the rolling hills are perfect for longboarding, stone stacking, or foraging.

While cruising down the hill, patches of red and black in the periphery become incredibly dense in some spots.  This lonely bush benefitting from an economic downturn grows through an old hay bale originally intended to stem runoff.  The land’s history reveals itself slowly.