Ducktown School

Ducktown School Sign

Built in 1932, Ducktown School’s original name was Kimsey Junior College, after Dr. L.E. Kimsey (who allegedly visited patients on horseback). The gothic style structure sat vacant for a few years, then became a local high school for Polk County. Enraged citizens believed construction funds should have been spent on upkeep and expansion of existing schools. Many graduates took vocational classes, then worked in nearby copper mines. Around 1970, until 2007, the historic building served as an elementary school.

The site is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and more information is here.

Ducktown School

Ducktown School Auditorium

Grass Through Asphalt

Overgrown Jungle Gym

Desk Through Broken Window

Rows of Desks

Ducktown School Auditorium Stage

Ducktown School Kudzu

Rusted Overgrown Merry-Go-Round

Mindful of the Ocoee

Around 3:30, the Ocoee recedes over the course of a couple hours as the Tennessee Valley Authority’s dam no. 3 diverts millions of gallons of water from a four mile stretch engineered in 1996 for “the world’s first Olympic whitewater event on a natural river” (USDA Forest Service).  This isn’t what they had in mind.