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Not a single alligator reared its head during a bike ride through the Pahayokee last July. Much cooler now, they’re all over.

Ardea herodias

Alligator mississippiensis

Cirsium horridulum

Alligator mississippiens

Nuphar lutea

Nodding Thistle, Carduus nutans

Author Matt Hern is the founder of The Purple Thistle Centre in Vancouver, Canada. According to his website, “We run a 2500 sq/ft resource centre that has a ton of supplies, tools, materials, classes and workshops,  and its all free.  There’s a library, bike fixing shop, computer lab, silkscreening room, animation facility and lots else.  And maybe best of all, the whole thing is run by a youth collective that controls all the day-to-day operations and really runs the place.”

Guerilla gardening is also offered at The Purple Thistle Centre.