New (Mantidae) Neighbors

Introduction to the mantid neighbors is the same as last year’s.  While watering the tomato plants (now 9 feet tall!), one of the leaves springs off the plant and starts climbing the side of the house.  Once recognized, the killer above turns out to be quite photogenic.

Following last year’s initial encounter, delicate, spindly Mantidae no bigger than a small grasshopper started showing up around the porch and garden.  Click here to see them.

4 thoughts on “New (Mantidae) Neighbors

  1. Loved your Venus flytrap photos too! And your assorted plant descriptions. My husband is the urban gardener in our household – he would enjoy your posts!

  2. Love the photos Cameron! You need to send the first one to Nat Geo’s yearly photo contest. Fantastic.

    Julie Phillips

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