Mimosa Sprout, Albizia julibrissin

This little sprout pokes through a sandy footprint on an island in the Oconee River.  

Two days ago while cycling across town on Milledge, I decided to search for a little known spot on the Oconee River called Flinchum’s Phoenix.  South Milledge ends at Whitehall Road, so I crossed over into the Warnell School of Forestry.  The road winds south through the forest, and ends at a group of buildings used for environmental education and recreational activities.  Behind the gazebo, a slim and rocky trail leads to another running parallel to the river.  A dam and an old mill rest in the shallows of the cool current.

A couple kids said when the river’s high, you can jump from the windows of the abandoned structure.

Seeds take temporary root in sandy islands criss-crossed with biped and quadrupedal prints.

These islands would be perfect for ephemeral Jim Denevan-esqe art.  Maybe on the next visit…

At a time when many converge en masse on swimming pools around town, this hidden gem’s residents include crappie, bream, copperheads, and skittish terrapin.

In 2008, I hiked along the railroad tracks to a trellis not far from this spot.  Click here to read about the chance skull and bone encounter.

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