Coastal Georgia Roadside Wildflowers

Deep thistle divers submerge into the flower, then reappear and fly off to the next.

Although I spent seven formative years in Camden County, cycling now takes me places I never knew.

When I turned off Old Point Peter Road into Saint Marys Boat Services, I met Mabel Smith.  After explaining that I was from the area, returning to visit family, the friendly repair tech commented on how many people who spend their lives in Camden County never know that a boat yard rests on Point Peter.  She said the yard was built around 1940.  Click here to visit North River Gelcoat & Fiberglass Repair, and learn more about Mabel.

My dad spent years aboard ships, and once traveled to Africa relying solely on the stars for navigation.  Recently I’ve toyed with the idea of taking a sailing course and spending more time on the water.  Maybe this summer.

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