Baseball and Succulents

My grandfather was the greatest baseball fan ever, and played minor league ball in Detroit during the Depression.  U.S. Rubber offered him a job because they wanted him to play for their company team.  The male cousins were expected to become professional golfers or baseball players.  He signed me up for private golf lessons in High Point, North Carolina, and I played little league for Tangi Finance in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  

lloyd was in the stands the day I hit a home run.  Between first and second he screams, “Run home, Cam!”  At second base, I made a hard left, sprinted across the pitcher’s mound, then tagged home plate.

The cousins became river guides, writers, I.T. specialists, photographers, ice climbers, fathers, DJs, gardeners, and elementary school teachers.  My sister Jo, the sole darling girl, is a choreographer.  Today’s her birthday.

About four years ago, lloyd hung his faded Braves cap on a wooden rack after working in the yard.  Today I’ll give it to Jo.

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