Lofton Creek

  Aquatic wanderlust began developing around puberty. Oblivious to the primordial black water flow beneath Highway A1A, my friends and I started crossing the bridge over Lofton Creek in 1992. A couple older brothers with cars finally convinced us devout skaters to give surfing a go, so whenever waves broke on Amelia Island, we loaded […]

Displaced Pairing

The small dendritic heap’s former home was a sandy path winding through pirate, French Huguenot, and Confederate soldier graves in the Oak Grove Cemetery. In our classroom, kids can’t resist the urge to touch and squeeze succulent leaves.  Now and then I’ll get a worried glance from a curious student who accidentally bumped leaf from stem, […]


Beneath an enchanted canopy of live oak limbs and Spanish moss, groggy commuters swerve to avoid cyclists on a road built for cars much smaller than the Fordasaurus that almost ended the day.  Old St. Augustine Road is one of the first in Florida, and for 23 kids, a left turn onto Grassroots Way leads […]

Air Plants, Epiphytes

  Epiphytic plants obtain water and nutrients from the air.  They use other plants or structures, such as fences, for support. Oconee National Forest Oak Grove Cemetery, St Marys, Georgia White Trail, State Botanical Gardens of Georgia