Pedagogy of the Plants

Ghosts of Summer

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This ghost plant’s had many lives.  Originally purchased in 2006 from a slight woman at the J and J Flea Market, it was later transplanted into an old army helmet. Later, cuttings grew in seashells, and now it rests in a porch planter made of old skateboard decks.  This week violent evening thunderstorms drowned seedlings and almost washed away this resilient wonder.  Listen to a recording from the porch:

For believers and nonbelievers alike, David Eagleman’s book, Sum: Forty Tales From the Afterlives, offers hilarious and compelling stories of genuflection, justice, and irony from beyond the grave.  One presents the almighty as a married couple competing for universal gender dominance.  In another, god struggles with which version of the self will live on in perpetuity, the child or adult?  Here’s an excerpt from an early summer read:

“God finally landed on an ingenious solution while watching light refract through a prism.  So when you arrive here, you are split into your multiple selves at all possible ages.  The you that existed as a single identity now all ages at once.  These pieces of you no longer get older but remain ageless into perpetuity.  The yous have transended time.”

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  1. Interesting subject and photo composition


    June 25, 2011 at 10:55 pm

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